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EU-Digest July-August Poll results shows majority polled want stronger European Union - by RM

A recent EU-Digest poll  (see insert) shows a majority of those polled favor a stronger, better structured and governed European Union.

Only 20%  favored a return to independent nationhood for the 28 nation member Union.

A large percentage (40%) felt that the EU has not become stronger , or more unified over the past 10 years to face the challenges of globalization

If there is any finger pointing to be done about the progress that has been made so far in Bruxelles, as to creating a stronger and better functioning Union, it must be noted that more than half of the 28 EU governments are run or led by Conservative and right-leaning Liberal governments. This political picture is also reflected in the EU Commission and the EU Parliament.

Consequently legislation on a Financial Transaction Tax, the regulation of casino capitalism, off-shore tax evasion, an independent foreign policy, or more social justice in the area of immigration and migrant policies have not been forthcoming. Mainly because legislation within the EU and among member states has been blocked by inward looking nationalist and conservative political forces 

Another major issue looming high above the EU's weak and "toothless" legislative structure is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, as it is known. TTIP will be the most important global trade agreement of its kind, representing nearly half of the world's GDP.  It is a trade deal between the USA and the EU, whose impact will be felt by all and everyone.

Is the EU able to control these negotiations, or at best, to keep them on an even playing field against the slick US corporate trained and supported negotiating team? Not really, if one looks at how the US's NSA got away with spying on the EU commission, EU corporations, local EU governments and EU citizens.

Bottom-line: Europe needs some imaginative thinking and vision to lift it out of its current torpor.

Watered down solutions will eventually bring this amazing and most promising global project of this century, called the EU, which has brought peace and prosperity to the European continent now for over 50 years, to a standstill.

Our new EU-Digest is about the election of the EU President  - should it be by popular vote or by parliamentary majority ? 


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