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Global Warming: 10 moments in 2015 that changed our environment

VW "Dieselgate"
1. It’s all about money: A new climate movement stirs up the climate fight
2. The pope joins the climate fight
3. The Netherlands is sued for lack of climate action 
4. A dead lion shakes up social media 
5. Dieselgate: VW jeopardizes Germany's role model image
6. UN agrees on new goals
7. Brazil drowns in toxic mud
8. Obama stops disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline
9. The planet got its first universal climate treaty in Paris, EU
10. 2015: Each day set records

In general, one could say, each day of 2015 set records - but not necessarily positive ones. Glaciers never melted quicker than in 2015, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was higher than ever before, and it was the hottest year ever recorded.

In conclusion, there is plenty of work left for 2016 and the years to come.
Read more: 10 moments in 2015 that changed our environment | Environment | DW.COM | 30.12.2015

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