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US Political System: Rand Paul staffer says GOP is doomed if it doesn't engage the young - by Gabby Morrongiell

A senior staffer to 2016 presidential hopeful and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says the Republican Party will self-destruct if it fails to engage the millennial generation this election cycle.

"It's a sad time to see that the party is not looking to expand," Cliff Maloney, who serves as National Youth Director for the Kentucky senator's campaign, said Wednesday at an event hosted by Politico in Washington, D.C.

"And if the party doesn't adapt, it's going to die," he added. "We've got to reach out to younger voters."
Maloney continued, "We've been to Berkeley [Calif.], we were in Waterloo, Iowa at a barbershop last week talking about criminal justice issues. These are ways to expand the party, but none of the other candidates seem to want to take the time to engage."

Note EU-Digest:  After the nonsense Donald Trump and most of the other Republicans are spreading around and the fact that a majority of. Americans are gobbling it up seems to be a reflection of the fast downward trend the US Political system as a whole is experiencing when it comes to having any credibility abroad.

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