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Spanish PM’s coalition bid receives latest blow from Podemos

Spain’s left-wing Podemos party leader has told Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that he will not offer any support for a new government formed by Rajoy’s centre right Partido Popular (PP). It won the most votes in the 20th December national election but failed to win a parliamentary majority.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said: “The candidate of Popular Party (referring to Rajoy) is fully aware that we will not facilitate a government formed either by him—either actively or passively—nor by any other PP candidate.

We have not reached the Spanish parliament to play the game of [musical] chairs, or to make the traditional political compromises, and everyone must know this. If there are to be new elections, we will face up to that, and I do not think I need to say it but it is very possible that we will win.”

Rajoy’s options are limited; the main opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) led by Pedro Sanchez, who went to meet Rajoy a few days ago, has also ruled out helping him.
Spain has never had a ‘grand coalition’ with power shared by the PP and PSOE parties.

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