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Middle East:: NATO: The unwanted war against IS

What is this really about? Who is the enemy? These simple questions have to be asked when it comes to international attempts to fight "Islamic State." NATO now wants to do more to protect Turkey, mainly by strengthening its air defense systems. But IS doesn't even have an air force.

On the other hand, Turkey showed us last week that it is both capable of and willing to shoot down a Russian jet, which, according to Turkey, violated Turkish air space and failed to respond to several warnings.
NATO's most powerful member, the United States, is backing Turkey.

It says the Turkish version of events is correct; and besides, Turkey has the right to defend itself. Then there's the fact that Russia has regularly provoked northern NATO members in the Baltics, as well as neutral countries Sweden and Finland with air space violations. It's not as if the Turkish incident is without precedence.

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