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Denmark: Wind farms meet 42.1% of Denmark's power needs in 2015, new record

Wind power in Denmark met 42.1% of national consumption in 2015 and the figure would have been even higher if not for cable issues at the 400-MW Anholt and 209-MW Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farms.

Today national transmission system operator (TSO) said that Denmark’s wind power share would have been around 43.5% if the offshore wind parks were operational throughout the year. Still, the achieved 42.1% represents an increase of over 2014’s 39.1% share and, also, a new record for wind in the country.

For more than 409 hours, wind power generation surpassed Denmark’s total electricity demand. On July 26 the country reached a 138.7% wind share.

Overall, winds in 2015 were much stronger than in 2014. The TSO noted that last year for the first time ever Denmark went a whole day without its large central power plants.

On September 2, power demand was met by wind, solar photovoltaics (PV), decentralised cogeneration and imports from neighboring countries.

Western Denmark, home to most of the country’s wind turbines, reached a wind share of 55% last year. For about 1,460 hours in 2015 the wind electricity produced in that part of Denmark surpassed demand.

In eastern Denmark the share of wind in total consumption stood at 23%. 
Note EU-Digest: Globally, the average cost of wind is €76.00 ($83.00) per megawatt-hour. This is the levelized cost of electrical delivery.

How does it compare to other energy sources?  Well the averages for coal and gas are
€77.00 ($84.00) and €90.00 ($98.00)

In the USA, gas is slightly cheaper than wind, but this is the only large economy where that is the case.

As a comparison, solar photovoltaic energy averages €112.00  ($122.00) globally for each MW-hour.

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