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Germany: German vice chancellor:"Monitor AfD party after call to shoot at refugees"

Speaking on Sunday in the German newspaper "Bild am Sonntag," Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that AfD "belongs in the intelligence services report and not on TV."

"It's unbelievable that such parties are allowed to send out their slogans on public broadcasters," Gabriel told the newspaper.

In Germany, Gabriel said, there used to be a clear rule, "We do not help parties, who oppose the free democratic basic order of our country, to spread their propaganda on television."

"This does not concern the bizarre demands, like Petry's call for all women to have at least three children," said Gabriel, who is also the German economic minister and head of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). "Instead, this lady wants to let unarmed refugees be shot at."

Gabriel also said there were "huge doubts" that the AfD stood for the democratic principles Germany was founded on.

Read more: German vice chancellor: Monitor AfD after call to shoot at refugees | News | DW.COM | 31.01.2016

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