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Freedom of Speech: Poland invites German ambassador for talks on politicians′ ′anti-Polish remarks′

Germany's ambassador to Warsaw is set to meet with Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski on Monday, as a row between the two countries concerning the new Polish government's policies continued to deepen.
A statement from the foreign ministry referenced "anti-Polish remarks by German politicians" after multiple politicians had questioned legislation supported by Poland's right-wing government.

But the spokesman for the German embassy in Warsaw, Lukas Wasielewski, played down the meeting, saying it did not represent a formal diplomatic summons. Instead he said he expects "a conversation among partners."

As Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz took to television on Sunday to criticize Germany for trying to "instruct others about democracy and freedom," his compatriot, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, issued a confrontational letter to European Union Commissioner Günther Oettinger.

In the statement published by state news agency PAP on Saturday, Ziobro called the German politician "silly" and alluded to the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Note EU-Digest: the new Polish Government is on the wrong track. They seem to have forgotten that in the EU free speech applies to every member and that vindictiveness has no place in the Union. 

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