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British Referendum: Support For Britain Leaving The EU Surges To 45 Percent

The campaign hoping to take Britain out of the European Union (EU) is enjoying a fresh lead in the polls with 45 percent of British citizens supporting secession and 36 percent supporting the status quo.

Later this year, Britain will vote on whether to leave the EU, with most commentators expecting the vote to come in May or June.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has spent the last few months touring European capitals, attempting to win concessions from EU leaders to change the terms of Britain’s EU membership.

During last year’s general election in May, the Conservatives promised they would deliver a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should stay or leave the EU by the end of 2017. The Conservative Party won a surprise victory with a majority of 12 seats in parliament.

Note EU=Digest: the British want their cake and eat it also. Being member of a club which includes 27 other members requires cooperation, give and take and not a free for all. If the Brits can't understand that they better get out of the EU and enjoy the consequences.  

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