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The U.S. Healthcare Debate: Still Catching Up to Germany's Bismarck Healthcare of 1883 - by Stephan Richter

Ruling the German Empire from 1871 to 1890, Otto von Bismarck's appetite for military assets (hard and soft) — and a strong national economy supporting that machine — was legendary.

The most important people to him were the steel barons and financiers who provided the empire with the tools of ascendancy and materiel-based strategic advantage for global conquest.

Lest we forget the implicit challenge to U.S. conservatives today emanating from his dealings a century and a quarter ago, Otto von Bismarck was also quite an enlightened man. As far back as 1883 and 1889, he laid the groundwork for Germany's national health insurance and pension/retirement system, respectively.

His legislative accomplishments in that arena were so solidly conceptualized that they last to this day.
Bismarck's reckoning was simple. In providing a network of health and pension security, he laid the basis for a strong nation. Bismarck realized that only people who know they will be cared for in times of need and weakness are a strong people.

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