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Wall Street increasingly nervous as political developments indicate US voters want Wall Street clean-up

For the week:: The Dow is down 290.23 points, or 1.8 percent; The S&P 500 is down 28.19 points, or 1.5 percent while the Nasdaq is down 79.55 points, or 1.8 percent.

For the year:: The Dow is down 1,510.29 points, or 8.7 percent; The S&P 500 is down 192.08 points, or 9.4 percent; The Nasdaq is down 723.82 points, or 14.5 percent.

Many small-time investors are now seen cashing in on their investments, after populists and anti-establishment Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump scored  big wins in the New Hampshire primary over the  main stream corporate supported Super Pacts political candidates, 

Stock market pundits are now  saying, Wall Street shares potentially could drop at least 80% in value over the coming year in case populist and democratic socialist oriented politicians start taking over and cleaning up the mainly corrupt US political and  financial establishment.

As the Chinese would say: "May you live in interesting times."


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