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Sweden: 2015 Migrant Crisis Will Cost Sweden 14x The Country's Defence Budget

Stockholm University associate professor Jan Tullberg has looked beyond the immediate costs of merely receiving migrants and their initial impact — extra policing, higher social benefits — and claims to have found the true cost of just one year’s migration. Taking the claims of the Swedish government at face value has calculated what these ‘new Swedes’ will cost the state from now until they leave the country or die, which ever comes first.

Using best case scenario figures to generate what he calls a “conservative” estimate, he believes the 2015 intake will eventually cost the Swedish taxpayer kr 583,000,000,000 — or 583 billion. Swedish new-media news service Friatider (Free Times) reports a summarised version of the maths used to reach this figure, starting with the number of migrants who arrived in 2015.

Accepting the government’s claim that 60,000 of the 163,000 asylum claimants who arrived last year will be rejected and deported, Dr. Tullberg bases his initial calculations therefore on 103,000 new benefit claimants — or taxpayers — to assess the likely number of family reunifications. Sweden, like many other European countries observes the EU mandated human right to family life, allowing migrants granted residence to apply then to have the government bring over their families.

Because this right is often more rigorously enforced for unaccompanied minors, this allows one young man in his late teens to fight his way to northern Europe then exercise his rights to have his family flown over to catch up with him, all of whom then receive residency. Dr. Tullberg predicts with the new Swedish rules presently being worked on to tighten up this loophole — although he notes it has been deliberately worded to continue to allow almost all migrants to claim — will bring the total immigrants in the equation to 200,000.

The first cost Dr. Tullberg calculates therefore is the processing costs at the Migration Bureau, which shuffles paperwork, houses, feeds, and gives pocket money to each new arrival for an average of 414 days before they are signed off and legally permitted to start looking for work. However as Dr. Tullberg notes according to past experience it can take an average of eight years before migrants find any job,a nd many never find work at all and so stay on these benefits, at kr 150,000 (16,175) a year.

The “establishment costs” therefore for 200,000 people Dr. Tullberg surmises could in his best-case estimate be around kr 240 billion (25.88 billion).

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