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Brussels Attack - Inadequate security - live updates: manhunt under way for airport suspect – by M.Weaver, H Siddique, R. Jalab

  • There were several terrorist attacks this morning: two explosions in Zaventem and one in Maalbeck, which many killed and wounded.
  • Two of the three men in the CCTV photo “very likely committed a suicide attack.’
  • Van Leeuw confirmed that there is an active manhunt underway for the third man seen in CCTV footage at Zaventem airport dressed in white.
  • Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack through its media wing, but it was still “too early to make a direct connection between the attacks in Paris [in November] and today’s attacks”, Van Leeuw said. Isis’s claim of responsibility has not yet been formally verified, he said.
  • There are several raids under way across the country, but Van Leeuw warned of the risks of reporting details of active operations.
  • Witnesses are currently being questioned, with more were being sought.
  • Several explosions were heard at the airport after the initial two blasts, but these were controlled detonations by security forces, Van Leeuw said, before warning that there may yet be more controlled detonations of suspect packages.
  • And with that, Van Leeuw declined to give any further information so as not to affect the ongoing investigations.
Note EU-Digest: It is remarkable how inadequately many European airports and train stations are protected . With a few exceptions,  there are no baggage controls or security gates/checks at most of the entrances into main airport terminals or train stations. European airports which have train stops below the airport or main train terminals usually do not have security checks for passengers and their luggage going into the main terminal. It is a disaster waiting to happen and the EU and local governments  better take immediate action to avoid even more of these horrible events.

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