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Turkey: Turks say Dutch media distorts Turkeys anti-terror operation data

A news report on PKK terrorists by Turkish press agency Anadolu Agency (AA) was twisted and falsified by Dutch media outlets on Monday in an attempt to show the operations against PKK terror group as if they were conducted against the civilian Kurdish population.

"Turkish security forces have slain 5,359 Kurdish fighters since July last year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told Anadolu news agency Monday" said the Dutch broadcaster PowNed in a piece posted at 14:49 local time.

The piece titled "Erdogan: Turkish forces killed 5,300 Kurds" was also shared by Trouw, a tabloid Dutch newspaper.

The piece continues with inconsistent statements like: "The Kurdish separatist PKK said that the terrorist organization had already abandoned a two-year ceasefire in July," and stating that the violence has killed 355 soldiers and police officers mainly in southeastern Turkey.

But in fact, Erdoğan had said: "Within the same period [from July 2015 until now] 5,359 terrorists have been killed, injured or detained within the country and abroad," in a speech Monday at the military academy in Istanbul, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

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