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Global Terrorism: Treating U.S. Terror Psychosis - by Michael J. Brenner,

Global War on Terror, has cost the US approximately $ 2 trillion
As one bizarre episode in the United States’ unceasing War on Terror piles on another, it is hard to avoid the dismaying truth that the entire situation has become pathological. We are experiencing a collective psychosis.

Its symptoms are the experience of persistent delusions and a distorted sense of objective reality. This psychosis stems from trauma and acute stress. In our case, the traumatic event was 9/11.

This terror psychosis is now well into its second decade and shows no signs of easing, even though there have been no attacks of a similar scale against the United States over the past 13 years.

To deal with the problem, the United States has sent armies to the farthest reaches of the globe.

One purpose of these futile campaigns was to stamp out militant Islamic movements that had no direct role in attacking America (i.e., the Taliban, whether of the Afghan or Pakistani variant).

The United States has built an elite army within an army in the form of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Numbering 60,000, these forces are designed to undertake select clandestine missions – in principle.

In practice, they are assigned a wide range of intelligence and political missions as well as commando-type ones. This force is almost as large as that which Imperial Britain deployed to police its entire far-flung empire.

All of this costs money – loads of it. In the process of prosecuting the Global War on Terror, the country has spent roughly $2 trillion.

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