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British Racists Use Brexit: Singing Donald Trump to Bash Muslim Refugees and the EU - by Nico Hines

The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has descended to the level of grotesque racial stereotyping with one of the main campaign groups promoting a disturbing video featuring the voice of Donald Trump.

Leave.EU, one of the big “Brexit” groups, posted the video on its official Facebook and Twitter channels. It includes footage of what purports to be violent refugees intercut with idyllic scenes of Western life. The soundtrack is Trump narrating lyrics from a song about a poisonous snake that bites and kills a woman who was foolish enough to take him into her home.

Trump has read the words to “The Snake,” and equated the deadly creature to refugees from war zones, at several rallies but he is thought to have nothing to do with the violent video, a longer version of which was published on YouTube in January with the words:”Do not allow the Islamification currently happening in Europe to reach America. Act now before its too late.”

It’s unclear where most of the footage comes from but at least one scene shows a blond couple being attacked by a gang of black men in Missouri—the assailants are not believed to have been refugees seeking shelter in the Midwest despite the video’s insinuation that this is what asylum seekers look like.

Brexit: British Racists Use Singing Donald Trump to Bash Muslim Refugees and the EU - The Daily Beast

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