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The Netherlands - Turkey's Erdogan does not seem to understand that it takes two to tango

In the Netherlands there is major concern in political opposition circles and the general Public about the Governments very soft stance towards Turkey, when it comes to the issue of the intimidation tactics being used by the Turkish AKP party and their government entities operating in the Netherlands.

Among these issues is a so-called "klik lijn" whereby Turkish/Dutch residents can report any negative comments about Turkey or its leader Erdogan to pro -Erdogan organizations in the Netherlands, or even to the embassy.

Pro-Erdogan organizations in the Netherlands are not only receiving funding from Turkey but some even receiving Dutch government subsidies.

On top of that Mr Erdogan is even threatening the EU, that if Turkey does not become part of the Shengen treaty, because of what he calls "unreasonable demands", as to the freedom of expression,he will release "hordes of Syrian Immigrants" into the EU.

As a member of the opposition in the Dutch parliament said: "This approach used by Mr. Erdogan, in dealing with the issue of refugees can only be qualified as blackmail, and Mr. Erdogan should be made to understand that in order for this Refugee deal between Turkey and  the EU to work, it will take two to tango."


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