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Greece approves controversial austerity bill

Parliament narrowly passed the governing coalition's latest budget proposal, which includes more belt-tightening and economic reforms.

The 153 lawmakers of the ruling Syriza/Independent Greeks government coalition all voted for the bill. All opposition members in the 300 seat parliament opposed the bill.

The vote came on a day that police clashed with angry demonstrators on the streets of Athens - the latest in a series of ongoing protests and crippling general strikes that have beset the country.

Many Greeks oppose the austerity measures that amount to $6.2 billion (5.4 billion euros). The law will increase social security and pension contributions and raise taxes for most people.

The European Union and international creditors are demanding the tough measures in exchange for an 86 billion-euro ($95 billion) bailout agreed to last July. It is the third such bailout for debt-laden Greece since 2010.

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