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Advertising budgets: Top 20 companies with the biggest advertising budget - by Tom Wadlow

According to Forbes’s extensive survey of global brands, the world’s most valuable brand Apple spends under a quarter of what the likes of Pampers and Gillette spend on advertising.

Automotive and consumer packaged goods firms occupy five of the top six advertising spends, with luxury brand Louis Vuitton also among the heavy spenders.

The top 10 advertising budgets for 2016 are as follows:

    Pampers - $8.3bn (Ranked 50th most valuable brand)
    Gillette - $8.3bn (28th)
    L’Oreal - $8.2bn (34th)
    Chevrolet - $5.1bn (59th)
    Louis Vuitton - $4.4bn (19th)
    Ford - $4.3bn (35th)
    Coca-Cola - $4bn (4th)
    Amazon - $3.8bn (12th)
    Sony - $3.7bn (76th)
    AT&T - $3.6bn (13th)
    Lexus - $3.6bn (63rd)
    Toyota - $3.6bn (6th)
    Samsung - $3.3bn (11th)
    NIKE - $3.2bn (18th)
    Google - $3.2bn (2nd)
    American Express - $3.1bn (24th)
    T-Mobile - $2.9bn (93rd)
    Nissan - $2.8bn (70th)
    Verizon - $2.7bn (21st)
    Chase - $2.7bn (65th)

Apple does not appear in the top 20. Its $1.8bn spent on advertising makes it the 33rd biggest spending company, despite its brand value being more than double that of any other in the world. 

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