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USA Fort Lauderdale, Lone disturbed gun-man kills and causes panic and chaos at Fort Lauderdale airport - by RM

Chaos, Panic and Confusion at Fort Lauderdale airport (photo CNN)
The tragic shooting of innocent passengers today at  the Fort Lauderdale airport by a lone gun-man also exposed  some disturbing facts about the safety and security measures deployed at one of the US's most important airports.

The chaos, panic and disorganization which manifested itself at Fort Lauderdale Airport during and following the shooting was quite  unreal .

People were running all over the place as were the large numbers of police and security forces, who seemed to be falling over each other, running in different direction.

For some reason it did not look as if there was some central control keeping it all together.

Much later many passengers were still pacing the tarmac and the curb of the terminal. By then it had been more than 10 hrs. after the  first shots were fired by the gun-man.

At the time of this writing many planes are  still lined up on the runway, many with passengers still sitting in them.  Several medical emergencies were also reported as some of the passengers sitting in these planes became unwell being in closed quarters for such a long time.

It also has to be brought-up that tragic events like this often are also the result of the very limited restrictions there on buying guns in America.

The NRA which is supported by many Democrats and Republicans alike in Congress can and should also indirectly be blamed for many of the killings in the US, including this one in Fort Lauderdale.

Allowing mentally disturbed people, including the one in Fort Lauderdale who went on a killing spree, to not only freely being able to buy a gun, but also to carry it in his bag on an aircraft is really irresponsible and criminal.

When will the US  Congress  finally show the guts to legislate some serious gun control measures and laws to avoid having these massacres happen over and over again?


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