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Israel: America's Blind Infatuation with Israel - by Jean-Pierre Lehmann

There is hardly any political debate in the United States about Israel, in fact far less so than in Israel itself. President Obama’s decision not to veto the recent UN resolution condemning Jewish settlement in the Palestinian Occupied Territories was unprecedented and courageous.

But would he have taken the same stand had he been running for re-election? For an American politician to criticize Israel is tantamount to treason.

In the American political universe, Jewish Israelis are the unquestioned good guys, while the Palestinian Arabs are the bad guys. It is all black and white.

Israel possesses a nuclear weapons arsenal, but is one of four states – the other three are Pakistan, India and North Korea – that have refused to sign and adhere to the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons).

Western hypocrisy is again borne out by the vociferous condemnations of Iran’s nuclear program, while Israel escapes all criticism. (It might be added as a footnote that in fact Iran’s nuclear program began under the reign of the Shah, supported by the United States and with covert technology transfer from Israel!)

Over the decades, Israel has ignored UN resolutions proclaiming the Occupation of Palestinian Territories as illegal. It was able to do so mainly thanks to the sustained American veto.

President Obama’s refusal to use the American veto is to be welcomed, but in all likelihood will prove only a brief hiatus in this tragic narrative.

Every effort must be made to bring about a greater awareness in the West of the tremendous injustice against Palestinians because of heinous crimes committed by Europeans. Reading the novels of Amos Oz is a great means to that end. Awareness should bring about a greater determination of remedy and action. 

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