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European Unity and foreign policy: 7 Brexit strategies Theresa May could use to erode EU unity

As Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to take the U.K. out of the European Union, she might have to play dirty if she wants to clinch the best possible deal for Britain.

The U.K.'s success at undermining the bloc's united front will dictate whether May can extract concessions from the EU, such as retaining preferred trading relationships and favourable access for London's financial businesses. The remaining 27 governments have managed to a hold a common line so far but the two-year negotiation will test competing priorities from Paris to Budapest and Lisbon to Warsaw.

Here's Bloomberg's guide to how Britain can undermine EU unity:

1. Offer cash
2. Play parts of the EU against itself
3. Exploit splits over Trump and Putin
4. Tempt industry
5. Leverage EU citizens living in the U.K.
6. Threaten tax cuts
7. Hope that Europe is distracted

EU-Digest Note:  It is all wishful thinking - a clever Europe without Britain should seriously start thinking about completely cutting its political ties with Britain and also see how they can revise the Atlantic Treaty they have with the US to make it more independent from US foreign policy influence, which have had a very poor record of success. Specially now that there is a new US Administration run by a somewhat unorthodox personality

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