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The Netherlands - Toxic eggs: Albert Heijn removes 14 types of eggs from its shelves as scandal spreads

The Netherlands’ biggest supermarket group Albert Heijn said on Thursday it is removing 14 different types of eggs from its shelves, as the uncertainty over pesticide contamination continues.

The measure is a precautionary one, the company said. Among the eggs to be removed are the company’s own brand free-range and organic eggs. It had already removed some eggs earlier this week, website reported. Jumbo, the second biggest Dutch supermarket group has also removed some types of eggs from its stores, reported, as has German supermarket group REWE. ‘We want to give our clients total transparency,’ the German company said in a statement. Farmers say they are extremely unhappy at the supermarkets’ decision and describe it as an over-reaction.

The government said earlier on Thursday that farmers themselves will have to pick up the bill for the product recall following the discovery of the contamination with a banned pesticide.

The Dutch food and product safety board has come under fire from experts, MPs and farmers for the way it is handling the ongoing contaminated egg scandal.

The NVWA first said there was no danger to human health and then issued a warning about certain batches of eggs, only for its deputy director to suggest a day later consumers should avoid eggs altogether until tests for a banned pesticide have been completed.

Note EU-Digest:  Hopefully the Dutch Government will not be swayed by lobbyists from Chemical companies to put their head in the sand and clean-up the apparently poorly functioning government food inspection services (NVWA). It is also strange no one is questioning who the makers of the pesticide are,  causing this calamity and why it is allowed by local EU Governments to being used in the food chain? Unfortunately this is probably just the top of the iceberg, when it comes to the use of pesticides in the European food chain.

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