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Brexit: Anti-EU and Trump admirer Nigel Farage criticised for saying he will keep EU pension-by Hannah Summers

The Guardian reported that Nigel Farage has sparked outrage by refusing to give up his taxpayer-funded EU pension after Brexit, asking: “Why should my family suffer?”

It is understood the 53-year-old former Ukip leader will be entitled to an annual pension of £73,000 when he reaches the age of 63.

The pension could be part-funded by Britain’s estimated £50bn Brexit “divorce bill”, which Farage has criticised as too large, leading to accusations that the MEP for South East England was a “shameless hypocrite”.

Farage defended the arrangement when challenged on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show. Asked if he would accept the EU pension money, he replied: “Of course I would take it. I have said that right from day one. Why should my family and others suffer even more?”

Note EU-Digest: What a hypocrite !


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