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CHRISTIANS AGAINST TRUMP: Evangelical leader shreds 'corruption' of Trump-backing Christians who 'used to' care about morals - By Brad Reed

One evangelical leader is absolutely fed up with fellow Christians who go out of their way to make excuses for President Donald Trump’s behavior.

Collin Hansen, the Alabama-based editorial director of the Gospel Coalition, tells ABC News that he has watched with increasing alarm the way that top American evangelicals such as Jerry Falwell Jr. have continued to back Trump no matter what he says or does.
“You used to think morality is important,” Hansen said. “Now, morality is not important. You used to think repentance is important. President Trump says that he’s never had anything to ask forgiveness for. I mean it is very confusing.”

Hansen went on to say that evangelicals’ embrace of Trump was symbolic of a greater moral rot within their movement. In particular, he said that some evangelicals were so concerned about blocking advances of LGBT rights or stopping Muslim immigrants from entering the country that they’ve embraced a man whose morals are the exact opposite of what a Christian’s should be.

“We’re ignoring the corruption inside the church — the moral corruption, the theological corruption, because we’re trying to protect the church against what we see as these outside threats, whether it be the gay rights lobby or abortion rights or Muslim refugees or illegal immigrants,” he said.

“Meanwhile the compromises being made on the inside have the possibility of truly destroying the credibility of American Christian witness.”

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