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Britain: Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon warns of backlash from British EU referendum  - by Dan Alexe

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is warning that a future United Kingdom referendum on leaving the European Union could spark a new drive for independence in pro-EU Scotland.

Sturgeon called on Tuesday for a “double-majority” system in the 2017 referendum that would require the support of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland before the United Kingdom could leave the EU.

Sturgeon warned in a speech in Brussels at the European Policy Centre that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “in-out” referendum to be decided by a simple majority of Britons “would provoke a strong backlash.”

Aa vote for Britain to leave the EU would unleash a ‘groundswell of anger’ in Scotland that could stoke fresh clamour to break away from England.

Sturgeon said “the groundswell of anger among many ordinary people in Scotland in these circumstances could produce a clamor for another independence referendum that may well be unstoppable.”

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