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Greek leader assails 'absurd proposals' from European creditors - by Steven Zeitchik

A day after ‎the Syriza-led Greek government acknowledged it couldn't reach a deal with European creditors, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took to the airwaves to sound a defiant note on the failed talks.

In a nationally televised address to Parliament on Friday evening‎, Tsipras rebuffed the European Commission and the German-led creditors who hold much of Greece's debt.

"The government is not going to give in to absurd proposals," he told lawmakers in Athens. This is "a bad negotiating trick."

Greece is seeking a debt restructuring that would alleviate the burden of its massive financial obligations and release about $8 billion in previously agreed-upon bailout funds, in turn preventing a default and potential exit from the euro currency.

The German-led creditors are refusing to meet Greece's demands until the country makes promises of more austerity and labor reform.

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