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Germany: EU launches legal proceedings against German road toll - Jakub Adamowicz

Germany then has eight weeks to reply. If the two sides cannot agree, the matter case goes all the way to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The legal proceedings mean that the Commission believes the planned road toll scheme is against EU law as it would only charge foreigners and motorists whose vehicles are not registered in Germany.

"A toll system can only be compliant with European law if it respects the fundamental treaty principle of non-discrimination," European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said in a statement.

"We have serious doubts that this is the case in the final text of the relevant German laws. We are now acting swiftly to clarify these doubts through an infringement procedure in the interest of EU citizens," she continued.

Read more: EU launches legal proceedings against German road toll | News | DW.DE | 18.06.2015

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