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US Politics: What Every Republican Gets Wrong About Immigration

In his hot pink tie and starched white shirt, Ted Cruz strolled through the palm tree-flanked Border Patrol station of Edinburg, Texas, this week, before taking his place at a wood podium to caution his audience about the threat illegal immigrants pose to the Land of the Free .

"One hears from the ground that the security threats remain significant and that we need adequate manpower, adequate tools to secure our border and protect our nation," he told reporters who'd gathered for his visit to the small town in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Standing on the glistening grassy lawn, the Texas Republican warned that cartels controlled the area, and said more "boots on the ground" were the only way to stop the flood of migrants streaming in from Latin America. "It's important for every presidential candidate to address seriously the problem of securing our border and to have a serious plan and to demonstrate a willingness to enforce the law," said Cruz, who just happens to be one of those candidates.

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