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Greek Referendum on Bailout Too Close to Call, Poll Shows - by Nikos Chrysoloras

Greek voters are almost evenly split heading into a referendum in three days that European leaders said could plunge the country into economic darkness.

A GPO poll cited by said 47 percent leaned toward a “yes” vote, an endorsement of austerity and the international bailout.

The “no” camp, the government’s position rejecting those terms, was 43 percent. The margin of error in the survey of 1,000 people was 3.1 percentage points.

The battle lines ahead of the vote appeared immovable after a day of posturing in the wake of the expiry of Greece’s bailout deal and its missing a payment to the International Monetary Fund. Politicians across Europe poured scorn on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s strategy; he said the “no” vote would improve his leverage.

Greece is facing a “terrifying” economic freefall, Spanish Finance Minister Luis de Guindos said.

“We can’t have an accord with someone who says ‘no,’” his French counterpart, Michel Sapin, said.

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