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France-Germany: How France Will Bail Out Germany’s Merkel - by Daniel Stelter and Stephan Richter

Things are shifting quickly in Europe – and the Germans, especially Angela Merkel, will be noticing the full brunt of the changes very soon. In Germany’s place, France may be calling the shots.

That sounds very surprising, given the overall continued weakness of the French economy. In addition, President Hollande’s effort to build a war coalition against ISIS was coolly brushed off by Barack Obama during the Frenchman’s recent Washington visit.

And Hollande’s attempt a day after to convince Angela Merkel to pursue a much more muscular – read: military — policy was also met with limited success. Warm words of solidarity were essentially the only “harvest” Hollande received.

Both the U.S. President and the German Chancellor remain unconvinced that a strategy that primarily rests on militarizing the conflict, rather than pursuing much better homegrown efforts for better integration of young Muslims, is the way to go.

Under those dismal circumstances, how is it then possible to argue that France may be calling the shots in Europe?

Here is how: Germany, under Angela Merkel’s tutelage, has essentially lost its claim to leadership. Her reaction to the refugee issue essentially put humanitarian impulses over the need to preserve internal European cohesion.

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