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Paris Massacre: It's not only a "war on terrorism" but also a war on "political hypocrisy" - by RM

The tragic events in Paris are deplorable, but when you listen to the comments of the politicians, or most of the corporate controlled press, very few are focusing on the real reasons behind this ongoing  tragedy..Is it maybe that the root of the problem lies in the failure of the political establishment to accept failure and change course.?

In a way, it is quite simple. Anyone who has a bit of a brain and has been watching the developments in the Middle East over the past  20 years will be able to recognize that the result of this disaster really is the totally failed Western foreign policy in that region. .

Unfortunately even though the real culprits of this failed policy - based on lies and greed - are known - for some reason the facts are usually covered up.  Why are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Tony Blair., still enjoying a comfortable life, instead of being locked up for war crimes and misleading the public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and for leading the so called "coalition of the willing" -  which really should have been called "a coalition of the dimwits", - into a war, which basically destroyed the social and cultural structure of Iraq. A war, which also probably lies at the origin of the creation of ISIS. 

The political hypocrisy, however, continues unabated. 

Just look at the reasons politicians give us today when it comes to our ongoing friendship with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel. United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.. Terrorism, in this case, is the keyword  used for their smoke screen, and the cover-up of  the real problems. Right wing politicians even go one step further and blame it all on either the influx of refugees or the Islamization of Europe.

Therefore as is stated in 1 Thessalonians 5. - "Test everything - hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil".

Don't get misled by your politicians or Government. Keep asking  the critical questions and vote them out of office when they avoid telling the truth.



Enjolras said...

The opinion writer's affection for buzz words, e.g., "corporate-owned," and for partisan bogeymen, e.g., Blair, Bush et al, reveals that he is not speaking above the fray as he poses, but engaging in the day-to-day political. Specific to Europe, perhaps the present terrorism represents not a war on "political hypocrisy" but a fervid embrace of enmity. Just as radical Muslims rage against modernity, Europe practices its own version of resentment. Here is how Fr. James Schall, S.J. puts it:

"Eric Voegelin, in Science, Politics, and Gnosticism, remarked that the origin of modern ideology lies in a lack of courage, in a loss of faith of Christian men in the reality of the transcendent order as presented in that faith. This subsequent ideology causes the death of an Europe unwilling to preserve what it is."

Graeme said...

In total agreement. However, as these cretins started this, the world must now unite in destroying the evil that is DAISH.