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EU Presidency: ′Turbulent times′ as Netherlands takes over EU presidency

The Netherlands has taken over the rotating presidency of the European Union, at something of a challenging time. Amid disputes about migration, austerity and strife with Russia, the bloc's solidarity appears stretched.

Europe's influx of migrants as well as the threat of terrorism and geopolitical changes in the east were all creating difficulties for the EU, a Dutch government report into the state of the EU said. The document went on to point out the "the threat of fragmentation" within the bloc.

"The EU is being severely put to the test," said the report.

The Netherlands is experienced at holding the EU's six-month-long rotating presidency, having already taken on the mantle 11 times. This time around, the pressure of organizing high-level meetings and brokering legislative deals will be all the greater.

"It is incumbent on the Netherlands to help the EU find common solutions in these turbulent times," the state of the union report reads. "Unity and resolve are needed at all levels."

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