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European Aircraft Industry: Airbus is flying into the future with some amazing concepts

From Paris to Tokyo in three hours
From supersonic jets to stacking passengers Airbus is always looking to the future in the rapidly changing aerospace sector.

In recent months the plane-making giant with a wing production plant in Broughton has submitted several patents that give a glimpse into the future of air travel.

How many of these finally make it into the skies will only become clear in decades to come.

Here we look at some of their most interesting proposals over the past year.

Airbus believes the jet would take just three hours to fly from Paris to San Francisco or Tokyo to Los Angeles.

They say it would travel twice the speed of Concorde and have a cruising altitude 20km higher than conventional aircraft.

The ultra rapid air vehicle has been dubbed the “son of Concorde”.

The plans show the plane would be propelled vertically by rocket engines to supersonic speeds and then hydrogen-powered wing mounted ramjets would take over and propel the aircraft to its destination.

Late in the year they also announced a deal with Aerion to take forward plans for the world’s first private supersonic jet in as little as six years.

The AS2 plane will be capable of supersonic travel - hitting speeds of 1,217mph.

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