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The Netherlands: Drop in oil prices of 30% not reflected in Dutch gasoline prices at the pump

After the price for oil collapsed rather dramatically during the past year many people looked forward to lower feul prices at the pump.

Unfortunately the 30% drop in oil prices did not reflect in a similar drop at the pump this past year.

In the Netherlands one liter  of unleaded Euro95 today averages €1,54. A year ago the gasoline price for that same liter averaged €1,62.  A drop of only 5 % at the pump  and this while the oil price dropped 30%..

Obviously one has to also include such items as Government Taxes/VAT ,and  the oil companies profit margins.

Rgardless, however, based on all this factors, this can not amount to 25% of the 30% drop in oil prices.

Somewhere along the line the customer is being robbed and the finger seems to point to the oil companies who still seem to be making  record profits at the pump.


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