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Banking Industry: Beware the Banksters: Three Banking Syndicates Want to Enslave You

"are you safe from the Banking Industry ?"
If you have been following our articles, you know that we call criminal bankers by this name. They are the modern-day version of gangsters, robber barons, bank robbers, and carpetbaggers. They wear suits, not bandit masks; drive Mercedes and BMWs, instead of riding horses; and use fiat currency and fancy financial instruments, not guns, to hold you up.
Previously, we have lumped them all into one moniker, but the time has come for us to examine just who these thieves and robbers are so that you will know who your enemy is. Just as we showed you in our article War of the Titans: Globalism v Nationalism, WWIII has been ongoing for many years, whether we knew it or not. We, regular folks, just living our lives in law-abiding ways, didn’t know we had an enemy or that there was a war going on that had the goal of stealing our country and shredding our constitution. 

The globalists were very cagey in hiding their war against us over the last one hundred years. They set up a system so that we thought our disputes were between Republicans and Democrats, one country against another, or any number of factions that they manufactured for us to keep us from seeing behind their masks. But these were just distractions, like battle camouflage, to keep us from knowing and naming our enemy.

The globalist is our enemy. Thanks to everyone in alternative and social media, we have created our own intel system and the globalist can no longer hide behind their media sycophants. They are reporters, media moguls, politicians, professors and educators, Hollywood distractors, bureaucrats, and anyone who wants to put international agendas ahead of national sovereignty. 

Banksters are Globalists
Near the apex of their global pyramid structure, is a group of banker interests that want to gobble up the world and create a 21st Century version of feudalism. We the People will be their serfs and servants. Once locked into this feudal system at a global scale, there will be no place that we or our children can go to escape their control. Ever.  

So let’s get busy and learn who these groups are so that, like globalism, we can call them out and get ground control of this battle. At the end of the article, we have some marching instructions (suggestions) that can actually undo the banksters’ plans for taking control of We the People.

Equally important is to provide you information so that your family’s savings and investments are not stolen by these bandits and thugs. 

For the complete report click here: Beware the Banksters: Three Banking Syndicates Want to Enslave You | The Millennium Report

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