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US: Elizabeth Warren Says Obama Has "Broken Promises" to U.S. Workers - by Gregory Krieg

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is taking aim at one of President Barack Obama's most impassioned arguments in favor of a massive new trade deal, claiming in a report released Monday that protections for American workers included in any final deal could not be trusted.

Obama has repeatedly said the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would govern nearly 40% of global trade, will be "the most progressive trade bill in history." 

The president has tried to persuade liberal critics of the agreement by highlighting stronger protections for workers at home and abroad, more robust environmental regulations and a better enforcement system than in previous deals, such as 1994's controversial North American Free Trade Agreement.

Warren isn't buying it. In her report Monday, she questioned whether the government has the will or inclination to actively enforce the protections promised by the White House.

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