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Spian: Spanish Socialists prepare to end political logjam - by Tobias Buck

After 10 months of political deadlock and drift in Spain, it all comes down to this: a committee of some 300 officials from the Socialist party who will meet this Sunday to decide whether the country should have a government or not.

The choice facing the members of the PSOE’s federal committee is stark, and will carry a heavy political price either way. But if party insiders and analysts are right, the Socialists are preparing the ground for a last-minute U-turn that would allow the formation of a minority conservative government.

Barring a late surprise,the committee is expected to instruct the party’s members of parliament to abstain in a crucial vote on Mariano Rajoy’s candidacy for a second term as prime minister. That would be enough to secure another mandate for the veteran centre-right leader and draw a line under Spain’s political deadlock.

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