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Christianity: Billy Graham's Grandson Will: 'This Is The Start Of The End Times.' - by Ruth Gledhill

Billy Graham's grandson Will Graham believes the world is entering the "end times" and that Jesus Christ may well return in his lifetime.

William Franklin Graham IV, known as Will, is in Scotland where he is hosting the North East Scotland Celebration of Hope at Peterhead Academy. The events will be broadcast live via this link.

Graham, speaking to Christian Today, said his aim was to lead people to Jesus while there is still time.

"A lot of people are on edge. I think people feel like something has got to come to a climax," he said, referring to events in the wider world.

"There seems to be an underlying climax that is on the horizon. For me, as a Christian, I believe that that is going to be a massive war, what the Bible calls Armageddon. The end of days.

"If things continue as they are going, something has got to give. I believe a lot of people are nervous about the long-term future."

The world is in relative peace, he said, with no world war taking place. "But yet at the same time there seems to be conflict around and hatred."

He added: "This cannot continue. Something is going to snap. Something is going to break. I believe that could be the start of the end times for us."

Graham added: "I do not know when the Lord is coming back." But he had been reading Scripture. "The things we never thought would take place are now starting to take place. I do believe that Christ will maybe come in my lifetime. I do believe Christ is coming so I want to tell people about Christ while there is still chance."

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