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Tony Blair: If Brexit is a disaster we must have right to change our mind says Tony Blair -

Britain hurtles towards a triggering of Article 50 next March, with no clear idea of what life outside the EU, and especially outside the European single market, really looks like.

Nonetheless, any hint of braking or slowing down is condemned in some quarters as a treasonous denial of the will of the people.

The British people "have spoken", we are reminded.

That is true but no reason for us now to shut up and go along with whatever version of Brexit we end up negotiating, good or bad. We can carry on speaking and debating. This is democracy.

 Our "will" is not some immutable, semi-hallowed expression of opinion that, once given, cannot be changed or adjusted irrespective of facts which emerge that might make a reasonable person doubt the wisdom of the course we have taken.

First, let us deal with the argument that following the vote of June 23 we can choose between different types of Brexit - not that the choice is ours alone because it depends also on our European partners - but that we cannot choose no Brexit

We have to respect that people voted as they did. But we have to believe in the people's innate sense, that they're also open to a better argument in the light of the facts as they come to light.

The world is dangerous right now, not simply for all the conventional reasons. It is dangerous because Western politics is at risk of losing its way and its character.

Just look at this presidential election in the US to see it.

Brexit has always meant more than Brexit.

So I come back to the central point. Keep our options fully open.
Above all, stay firm. We're a sovereign people. We can make up our mind; and we can change our mind. And whether we do, is up to us.


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