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Turkey: Turkish Expatriates and Diaspora abroad lack the courage to speak out for Democracy

It must be difficult today for the Turkish expatriate community around the world, specially those who believe in Democracy, Secularism and the ideals of Kemalism, created by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and to watch what is happening politically in Turkey.

 Specially, if personal friendships have developed between expat Turks, Turkish dispora and Turkish Diplomats

Regardless of that fact, and whatever way you turn it, these diplomats are the mouthpiece of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which is an integral part of the Erdogan Government. As the saying goes: "He who pays the piper calls the tune". 

Case in point  re: The letter of H.E. Serdar Kılıç, Turkish Ambassador to the US, to the Wall Street Journal on November 16, 2016, which is a "rambling" defense by the Turkish Ambassador in Washington to justify that in effect all is "hunky dory" in Turkey and that democracy and freedom of the Press are, alive and well. Reading the interview, the feeling can't escape you, if he believed what he was saying himself ?

As one Turkish citizen living in Paris, who often entertains and socializes with Turkish diplomats noted: "I have some very good friends among Turkish diplomats here in France, but that does not stop me in questioning them about the state of democracy in Turkey, or in signing petitions against the Erdogan Government ".

"This is not disrespectful, it is in fact the duty of every Turk, who lives abroad and believes in Democracy".

"Turkish diplomats, like any diplomat around the world, have to write numerous reports to their Ministry, including those on issues like "what their nationals are thinking and saying  about their home country and government".

"Consequently you are not doing your country a favor, by keeping your mouth shut on matters that are of importance to you and your country . Democracy in Turkey is on a steep descent and you have got to speak out".

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