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US Presidential Elections: The same media that created Trump, now out to utterly destroy him - by Armstrong Williams

In this election cycle, the media’s influence has extended far beyond their traditional roles as reporters and provocateurs to actually framing the public debate. By selectively releasing a decade-old “hot mic” moment in which Donald Trump spoke in demeaning, graphic sexual terms about women, the media sought to circumvent the focus on the issues that were originally intended to be the center of the town-hall-style second debate between the candidates.

The reason why the media has been so intent on dragging extraneous, personally damaging information into the national debate is because they are now afraid of their own creation—Donald Trump.

Let’s not forget that up until this point, Trump’s campaign has been largely fueled by headline-grabbing soundbites that the media lapped up with the frenzied gusto of starving curs. They, in fact, have now become so expectant of feeding off controversial statements generated by the candidates that they have completely abandoned their roles as watchdogs guarding the nation’s storehouse of facts, integrity, truth and transparency.
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