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EU Media: Leading Newspapers Alliance: Media cooperation can affect European Agenda – by Christophe Leclercq

The EU has brought countries together more than even before, but the lack of a common debate is problematic. The Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA) is working towards this goal by bringing together seven newsrooms from seven European countries.

Javier Moreno is Director of LENA and former editor-in-chief of El País.

He spoke with Euractiv founder Christophe Leclercq as part of the #Media4EU series. LENA groups seven media organisations:  Die Welt (Germany), El País (Spain), La Repubblica (Italy), Le Figaro (France), Le Soir (Belgium), Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland – DE) and Tribune de Genève (Switzerland – FR)

Question: Trump got elected, despite the opposition by the mainstream media. Do you think that here in Europe the media could help counter populism?

Answer : It’s very complicated. Obviously if you think that populism is the wrong choice for a country, which I do, then there is room for the media to fight against it. I would like to think that this has been our job for years. Only in the wake of what’s happened in the US we’ve realised we’re probably not doing a good job in debunking falsehoods. This has allowed populism to gain momentum. So I think this should be probably our first concern in the coming years.

For the complete interview click here: Leading Newspapers Alliance: Media cooperation can affect European Agenda –

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