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The Netherlands: The "Dutch Trump" Geert Wilders PVV party losing support in the polls

Trump and Wilders "one and the same" - disaster
Dutch political scientist Tom Louwerse, creator of Peilingwijzer, told NOS Dutch TV News station : "The PVV lost 5 seats since December and you can now see that decline to a greater or lesser extent at all polling agencies",

Researchers see several reasons why voters in the Netherlands are turning their back on the PVV, according to the Dutch newspaper AD. Some people are concerned about American president Donald Trump's policies, for which Wilders expressed great support and he even went to the US to support him .

"Trump has turned out to be a completely deranged person and so is his Dutch supporter Geert Wilders - they are very similar and voting for him makes no sense at all. It will only cause disaster and chaos in the Netherlands", said a member of the Dutch  Parliament, who wanted to remain anonymous

Others doubt the feasibility of the PVV's plans or have their doubts about whether the PVV will be part of the next government, given that very few other Dutch political parties want to work with him


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