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EU President Tusk tells EU leaders only pride and unity can prevent disintegration – by Daniela Vincenti

IIn an emotional letter sent to EU leaders gathering in Malta this week, European Council President Donald Tusk issued a bold call to arms today (31 January), to fight those who try to whittle away at the European project, loudly and clearly asserting that the EU is here to stay.

“In a world full of tension and confrontation, what is needed is courage, determination and political solidarity of Europeans. Without them we will not survive,” he said, giving EU leaders the proper ammunition to counterattack US President Donald Trump and like-minded world leaders hostile to the Union.

Tusk sent the letter to the 27 heads of state and government expected to meet in the baroque courtyards of the Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta on Friday (3 February). EU leaders will meet without British Prime Minister Theresa May, as they are preparing to forge a new vision for the bloc rocked by divisive crises, including Brexit.

Recent verbal attacks by US President Donald Trump might have created the right sense of urgency to declare a united front. Meddling in EU affairs, Trump said that after the UK, other countries would leave the bloc. The billionaire-turned president called NATO obsolete, criticised Angela Merkel’s asylum policy, and characterised Brexit as “great”.

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