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European fascists embrace Trump - by John J. Dunphy

European Fascism 2017
Members of what Tom Brokaw calls our nation’s Greatest Generation defeated fascism in World War II. Fresh out of the Great Depression of the 1930s when, as kids, many of them had experienced deprivation firsthand, they fought the combined might of Germany, Italy and Japan on land, on sea and in the air. Many of these young patriots didn’t wait to be drafted. They eagerly enlisted because they knew they were needed to turn back this threat to global civilization.

My late father served in the army and earned a Purple Heart. Dad rarely talked about his wartime experiences. Once in a very great while, however, he let something slip out. I recall when the TV news was broadcasting a story about an aged Nazi war criminal, who had been located living quietly in the United States. “Hang him! I saw what they did!” my father exclaimed. The implication was obvious. At some point while stationed in Europe, Dad had seen some of the horrors of the Holocaust.

Fascists feared and hated the American flag because it represented values such as justice and equality, which they abhorred. Our flag also symbolized military defeat for fascists, since it was carried into areas liberated by our fighting men. It made me sick and angry when I read that the Stars and Stripes, once the bane of fascists, is now carried by them during demonstrations.

The 62 million Americans who voted for Trump betrayed the legacy left to us by the Greatest Generation. Men such as my father fought to save the world from fascism. Trump voters allowed fascism to entethe USA  through the ballot box.

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