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Religion and acceptance: Muslims more satisfied with U.S. than any religious group, poll finds

Almost half of their children face bullying at schools. They're twice as likely to face additional screening at airports. Yet Muslims in the United States are the religious group most satisfied with the nation's trajectory, a new survey found.

The American Muslim Poll 2017 comes from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a nonprofit focused on American Muslims, found Muslims and Jews are most likely to express fear for their personal safety after the election of President Trump.

The study showed both Muslims and Jews reported higher levels of fear and anxiety than other faith groups because of the election results, with 38% of Muslims and 27% of Jews expressing fear for their safety because of white supremacist groups. One in five Muslim women said recent elections have caused them enough stress and anxiety to believe they need the help of a mental professional.

Nearly early one-fifth of Muslims even made plans to leave the country “if it becomes necessary."

However, the study found two in five Muslims report being satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. today, a higher percentage than any other major faith group or those who are not affiliated with a faith.

The survey involved interviews with 2,389 respondents in January of this year including Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic people and some who were not affiliated with a faith.

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