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The Netherlands: Dijsselbloem will not step down, regrets it if one is offended by "Dutch directnes"

Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem answers to many through a statement sent to New Europe, on his remarks from Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung interview that were “misunderstood” by Spanish press and MEPs.

“I regret that my message was misunderstood and I regret that it was emerged as north against south,” adds Dijjselbloem on Wednesday’s statement. “I don’t experience a north-south division myself, also not in the Eurogroup. The understanding is that everyone has the responsibility to stick to our rules and to make an effort to stay within the EU agreements. Everyone must make an effort to keep the European Monetary Union (EMU) together.”

Dijsselbloem blames his Dutch heritage for the “direct” remark: “I regret it if one is offended by the remark. It was direct, and can be explained from strict Dutch, Calvinistic culture, with Dutch directness. I understand that this is not always well understood and appreciated, elsewhere in Europe. That is another lesson I take on board.:

“My style is direct and again if people take offence in that I am sorry of course.”On Eurogroup and the EMU’s future, Dijsselbloem adds that all should do their best and respect the rules, otherwise it will be hard. “This applies not just for a few, but to all of us.”

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