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Turkey: Germany, Netherlands revise travel advisories for Turkey

 Germany and the Netherlands revised travel advice for Turkey this week amid a deepening row over European cancellations of events by Turkish officials aimed at rallying support for a vote to expand the powers of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

The Dutch foreign ministry urged citizens visiting Turkey to exercise caution in revised travel advice issued late on Sunday.

"There have been diplomatic tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands," the ministry wrote. "Be alert and avoid large crowds."

The German foreign ministry, in an updated notice posted on its website on Monday, said travelers should expect heightened tensions and protests ahead of the April 16 referendum.

"Travelers are therefore advised to stay away from political rallies and large crowds," the ministry said. It had previously advised citizens about heightened security risks in Turkey following last year's failed coup attempt.

Turkey on Monday threatened diplomatic sanctions against the Netherlands after Erdogan accused the Dutch government of acting like "Nazi remnants" for barring his ministers from addressing expatriate Turks to drum up votes.

The row marks another low point in relations between Turkey and Europe, further dimming Ankara's prospects of joining the European Union.

Note EU-Digest: As Mrs Angela Merkel arrives in the US and meets with US President Donald Trump on Friday we can only hope she will able to convince the US President what a charlatan Mr. Erdogan is in reality. For in all this Erdogan created drama of conflict between Turkey and individual EU states , however,  the obvious question is "what is the US position as to this Erdogan created conflict ?", given the fact that US Governments have never had any problem in supporting dictatorial governments around the world, if and when it was to the benefit and interest of the US. Case in point: the relationship with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Egypt - to mention just a few countries in the Middle East alone. Hopefully the US will wake up to the fact that Erdogan's political games - last years coup, his turn around with Russia, Syrian involvement and now his spat with the Netherlands, are all focused on one objective - obtaining absolute power in Turkey. Whoever is not aware of this is either extremely shortsighted or totally stupid.

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