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Turkey - Netherlands Conflict: Dutch Kurds calls on Netherlands to ally against Erdogan

The Dutch Kurdish organization Council of Communities in Kurdistan (DEM-NED), that supports the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) on Sunday called on the Dutch government to ally against the Turkish government following violent protests by Dutch Turkish citizens in the city of Rotterdam and tensions between Holland and Turkey.

On 11 March, Turkish facsits and Erdogan supporters showed their true face in the Netherlands, the AKP [ruling Justice and Development Party] is using the referendum to polarize in Europe,” the organization said.

“Dutch Kurds have suffered for years with violence and intimidation from supporters of Erdogan in both Turkey and Europe,” DEM-NED said.

The organization said that European governments have ignored violations by the Erdogan government and continued to support it.

“The Dutch government must create diplomatic relations with surpressed Kurds, Alevites, and other suppressed people to form a strong counter voice to the dictatorship of Erdogan,” DEM-NED said.

“We as Dutch citizens from a Kurdish background are worried about our security in the Netherlands, due to the aggression and violence from Erdogan supporters, that are directed by Turkey,” it stressed.

According to the Kurdish organization, the Turkish ultra-nationlist organization MHP called on it’s youth militias to carry out actions in Europe. “This group is responsible for mass murders in the east of Turkey, in Kurdistan, but also for attacks on Kurdish organizations over the last 20 years,” DEM-NED added.

“We call the Dutch government for a powerful voice against Erdogan, to work and establish relations with groups that support democracy, to ensure the security of Dutch citizens with a Kurdish background, and the protection of Kurdish organizations against violence of Erdogan supporters,” the group said.

The Dutch PM Mark Rutte on Sunday said that he will not apologize to Turkey for refusing Turkish officials to rally for it’s presidential referendum in April this year.

On the other hand, Turkish FM Cavusoglu said on Sunday: “The Netherlands will apologize to Turkey. As long as they do not apologize, we will continue to take steps. The Dutch ambassador cannot enter Turkey. We’re expecting a response from the EU against the Netherlands,” he said.

However, the first EU country Denmark showed its solidarity with the Netherlands and said it would postpone a visit of the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

According to the Turkish analyst Aaron Stein, Turkey is trying to escalate tensions with EU countries in order to gain more nationalist votes.

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